Monday, 22 May 2017

What Might Have Happened

A few months ago I posted this caption where Cindi finds himself in an awkward situation. Everyone had a vote to decide what happened next and it was (predictably) decided Cindi should suck some damn dick, which is what happened in the series posted shortly thereafter.

But some compelling arguments were made in the comments section that it shouldn't have gone down that way. And when it was leading in the polls I did formulate an idea of how that series might play out. So, fresh from the darkest timeline comes today's series of what I think would have happened if the voting went a different way.

I did try to write it in such a way that if you turn your head and squint it can still be canon, either happening at a different, probably subsequent, time from the previous captions or more functionally as an alternative sequence of events that ended with the same results (Cindi sometimes doing mouth stuff with Stepdaddy and Chrissy being scarred for life, which is why I consider this the darkest timeline) thereby converging with the mainstream timeline. no alternate universes!
Wow that was pretentious and long winded for some smut that's not to be taken remotely seriously.

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