Friday, 19 May 2017

Life Cycle of a Junkie

I originally wanted this series to be longer. The way I plotted it out I wanted there to be two captions after Toni got his fix
One where the black cum still hadn't hit his bloodstream and he was living in the shame.
One where the first signs of his craving came back and he had to accept the whole thing was going to start again.

I just couldn't write it though and what was planned to be the final three captions of the series ended up being jammed into one caption.

But I do like the Wes/1st blend of that final caption. I don't know when I'll have call to use different styles in the one caption again but it was a fun aspect to this series.

Sidenote: I can now add "Anyone who has struggled with addiction" to the list of people this blog is fundamentally offensive to. Yay me!

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