Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Danny Takes A Trick


This is the last series from the images I used for my contest. It's also the one I'm happiest with. I've wanted to write this for months. 

The idea of an unwilling MILF sexworker sissy who loses a trick or tricks to his more willing, inexperienced, slutty son actually came before the idea for Mandy & Danny. Mandy & Danny happened because I so loved both characters in that series idea I had to flesh them out more fully. 

Then I wanted to write some captions with both of those characters to see how both characters worked when I wrote them into captions before taking on the series idea. Then I wanted to write some captions featuring both of them to see how they worked together. When it finally came time to write the series idea that I'd had six freaking months ago I got blocked until I came up with this plot and I fucking love how it turned out. This might be my favourite thing of anything I've written for this blog.

As a final piece of blog news: most customs have been written. I only have one single and one series left to write. I'm way ahead of where I thought I'd be by now.

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