Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wes Style Hiro Caption & More Blog News

I've written this spiel in my head several times. About since I started this blog (but for unrelated reasons) I've had some personal shit going on. The final result of this personal shit is this: I'm transitioning. I've never used the T-word in any captions and as long as I write captions I'll try to keep that the case. Though I have poured a not insignificant amount of my own anxieties about all of this shit into various captions, it helps, I think.
The obvious question here is, why am I sharing information that's this personal with a bunch of like-minded perverts on the internet? Basically I started taking hormones in the last few days (May2). One of the effects of the pills gel patches I'm using is a drop-off in libido. For any who hadn't already surmised I'll state it explicitly, I write all of my captions one-handed. So a drop-off in libido will naturally translate to a drop-off in caption output. I haven't noticed any major changes on that front yet. And there's still things I want to do, want to write for this space. But I only write this smut when it's fun for me. If it stops being fun I'm going to stop doing it. (Though all customs that are due will get written.)
Essentially if I stop captioning altogether that's why. And I want it to be known that that's why. I don't want to pull a Wes, disappearing from the face of the Earth with zero warning. I still wonder what the actual fuck happened there. Though I have my theories.
If I do disappear anyone who feels up to it is totally welcome to take anything I've written and run with it. Regardless of what happens I'll probably still be lurking and I'll likely see if anyone does pick up where I might leave off and it would likely make me smile.
tl;dr: I'm trans. Long term future of this blog in question.

Now onto the reason you're all actually here: The first thing you'll notice about this caption: It's bigger. I make all my captions in MSPaint and when I initially tried to make captions bigger Paint went bugfuck over it. I tried again while making my latest batch and lo and behold zero bugfuckery on Paint's behalf. Fuck if I know. But for the foreseeable future: Captions=bigger.
The second thing more astute readers might notice is that the image to this caption is one from my contest. The final one in fact.
The reason for that is simple, my idea for the contest was I'd write some series featuring every character at least once, upload the images I used, see what other people did with those images then finally post what I'd done with those images.
This caption is a single because I couldn't write a series in that time that featured Hiro to save my fucking life and when I already had such a plethora of images I didn't really want even more so I ended up giving up, tacking on a Hiro-ish image to the rest, rounding the total up to an even 60 and calling it a day. This caption was even written several weeks after the other 59 images were captioned.
Hiro fans don't need to worry though, that sissy does get his own series in the next "season" the theme of which was "Desperately Try To Maintain Daily Update Pace While Also Writing So Many Character Based Series"

If I do end up pulling a Wes consider the next few updates the bang I go out with. (Even though there's an entire 40 caption "season" to follow. And customs.)

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  1. On behalf of the whole community, we will truly miss you if you do decide to stop captioning. Cheers!