Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Guest Caption & Blog News

Elena submitted this caption during the contest window. This caption not featuring any of the contest's images meant I didn't really want to include it among the contest submissions because of the precedent that would set. So with Elena's permission I set it aside as a guest caption.

Speaking of the contest, poll's closed and:

Anarky Rules & Donna Rica both get custom captions for the series each of them wrote. C2SAnon gets two custom captions for their two series.

Fluffybutstuffed gets a custom series for writing my favourite caption, it was a very close run thing.

And Elena. Elena gets a custom series for winning the popular vote, 1 custom for writing a non-IR caption from an explicitly IR image and 3 more customs for all 3 of her series. For a total of four customs and a custom series. Jesus!

Contest winners email to tell me what you want with your customs. If I haven't heard from you within a few days I'll start sending out emails (and call-outs in this space) requesting input.

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