Friday, 31 March 2017

Wes Style Cindi Caption

I can now say that every post on my blog has been labelled. It took a lot long than I thought it would, mainly because since I moved I'd gotten terribly lazy with updating old captions that weren't labelled when I first published them. So I spent a lot of today doing the last 30 or so in one fell swoop. I also changed the "teasing" to "bullying" because that's closer to how I use that label and "teasing" has a different meaning in the context of most of my captions so it ends up being ambiguous.

This caption is fairly out of chronological order for Cindi. But once I got the idea for it I had to write it.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Second Person Caption

I'd like to tell you to vote in the poll. But I only want you to vote in the poll if you
A) Would like to see a contest and think you're likely to try to write an entry or entries
B) Would sincerely like to tell me to go fuck myself

So I'll just mention there's a poll at the moment.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Wes Style Cindi Caption

I'm thinking about putting a contest on. It'll go a little differently (but not dramatically so) than other people's if I go through with it. I'm just curious how much interest there is among my readers to partake in a contest if I put one together. So let me know in the poll.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

First Person Caption

This is the first caption of a new "season". The last few seasons had gotten very Wes heavy. I love Wes Style captions but the writing style is a massive crutch you can write half a dozen of them while barely trying but after writing twenty Wes captions it doesn't feel like my captioning develops as well as if I wrote five first or second person (or third person for that matter) captions.

So this "season" I tried to focus on writing more caps from a first and second person perspective. So that's what's coming now.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Character Introduction: Stephi Swallows

I always love cucked dad captions. And I noticed I didn't have any cuck dad characters, although Tammy did tease both his brother and his father a lot. So, thought I, why not take Tammy's brother and sissify him?
Keep him an unhappy unwilling sissy, so I can torture their father both with a sissy son who loves to tease and mock his cuckold father and with a second sissy son who is embarrassed and revolted by his father's being turned on by what a sissy he is.

Then I recalled that I'd written Tammy's brother onto the Suckwood High Football Team. Which reminded me of this series which gave me a name for this new character as well as something of an outline of how his captions might feel. It especially makes sense since how could two different whitebois get on the team? (Sidenote: for a doublet of captions I wrote in a drunken rush I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that series.)

When I was writing Stephi's introductory captions (Bonus: you even get one more introductory caption than normal) I noticed that they were all kind of linked and they seemed  to work rather well as a "what happened to Stephi after he lost the big game against Blackmore" series so that's what the into captions became.

Alex Grey and Naomi Woods are probably the two models most emblematic of Stephi. But any blonde with small (but not mosquito bite) boobs. I have so many blonde teen sissy characters at this point that I've almost got the whole spectrum of boob sizes covered.
Mosquito Bites (eg: Elsa Jean): Tammy
Small: Stephi
"Normal" sized: Cindi
Large: Nobody yet although I have ideas. If you read the comments you might be able to put it together.

Too many words not enough smut. Time to fix that.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Canon Expansion: Women of Suckwood

Here is the much teased, oft mentioned "Thing". I really like captions with an element of femdom. And I noticed that so far my blog was kind of lacking in them. I also noticed as far as my "canon" was concerned there were no women in Suckwood. So, two birds one stone.