Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Character Introduction: Tiffany Cumswallow

So this is the character whose existence I hinted at earlier when I was talking about the Thing (sidenote: I realized today the Thing was missing something. But I can add that, and still finish it in time for when I want to post it so no drama)

The idea for Tiffany Cumswallow was first floated by Elena when she, Tiffany, had a small cameo in the schoolbois post. It took a while to come up with a hook to the character until I found this update when I was tagging all my old captions which I've edited to be a Tiffany caption rather than the old name it used (Which, for readers wondering, was Mandi. Just to be extra confusing)

Now the biggest hurdle for Tiffany captions is how do I keep her looking/feeling different to Mandy Sukmore? I  do want Mandy to be all out bimbo where I want Tiffany to be more of  a blonde MILF. Except that Nicole Aniston is definitely the principal model for Tiffany and Nicole Aniston is more bimbo than MILF. Look, not a lot of planning goes into writing these.


  1. Glad you ended up creating Tiffany as a character! A few thoughts I have regarding this intro and you comments in the last paragraph:

    First, I still think Nicole Aniston is the perfect model and would argue that she's not really a full bimbo or a full MILF, but has traits of both. I think hyper-blonde, well-endowed women like Candy Charms, Nina Elle, Diamond Foxx, Courtney Taylor, or Holly Heart are more Mandy, while Nicole is slightly less mature and less full bimbo. I would have seen Tiffany/Nicole as a late-20s, early-30s teacher a la Candy Luvdarc in Wes' universe.

    Second, I think there are two ways you could distinguish Tiffany from Mandy. The most obvious is the have Tiffany be almost exclusively school related, once again a la Candy Luvdarc. The second is to play up the racism angle hard like you appear to be doing in this introduction set. I think there could be some really interesting themes related to this...an educator preaching anti-curriculum material with racist beliefs and then struggling with the need to submit to those beliefs by acting like a white milf cumslut. The idea of Tiffany adamantly believing it white superiority or black inferiority but having to explain to white students why he sucks off the principal, black students, etc. could be fascinating.

    Third, I also think that it would be interesting to develop more on Tiffany's son (even if it promotes another similarity to Mandy/Danny). Maybe the son, who grew up under the same racist beliefs as Tiffany, is beginning to struggle with the reality of being a fuckdoll for other black students/teachers wanting to get back at Tiffany for his rhetoric. Slightly different from Danny in that Danny secretly likes it, while Tiffany's son may just be confused why he's forced to do these things/maybe is turned on by it.

    Finally, I will note that I think that this introduction of Tiffany is somewhat different than how he was portrayed in the Suckwood series. What I liked about Tiffany was how eager he was when alone with a black boy but so nervous/unapproving around a white boi doing the same thing - it was like the goal of appearing to be a strict teacher/anti-white boi roles while secretly loving it. I also would have liked to see interactions with Mr. Suksblak (as opposed to some presumable ones with Tiffany's son/wife) as a kind of contrast in teaching styles/personalities. But in the end, what matters is what inspires you/what you want to do with your universe! I'll always be eager to read what you produce :)

    1. Hmm I'd consider Nina Elle, Diamond Foxx and maybe even Holly Heart more MILF than bimbo. My go to bimbo porn models (that you didn't already meantion) would be Summer Brielle, Kagney Linn Karter and maybe Bridgette B (though Bridgette B is also very MILFy and it's hard to say which aspect she represents "more" especially when both categories have so much overlap)

      Yeah so far all (or most) of the Tiffany captions I've written play to the racism angle. I've always liked IR captions where the white sissy is racist (subtly, overtly or just accused) it makes the ensuing depredations feel karmic. Which I dig. (I think I have to go watch 13th on Netflix now to atone for the racism in these captions and that paragraph)

      I do have a concrete idea what I want to do with Tiffany's son. I'm keeping the name I basically stumbled onto in the single cap I linked. But I want to take Tiffany through an arc and tweak some character notes first before I can properly introduce "Melanie" as more than Tiffany's son.

      I might try to bring in some of those "prude in public, cumslut in private" elements to Tiffany as well. I do have an idea for a hook for Suksblak and after I've introduced them both I'll try to have some interaction/contrast.

      That was a freaking novel of a comment. I've been given plenty of ideas in the last few days. It's great!