Monday, 6 March 2017

Wes Style Chrissy, Nikki Caption

This one and yesterday's kind of come as a pair. They're both young/innocent/eager sissy son with a more experienced and unwilling father but I like that they each seem to have their own unique feel.


  1. It'd be interesting to see a cap series crossover of the Sukmores and Nikki's family. Possibly even throw in Suki's family too.
    Could be a sleepover between all the bois that has them bringing the dads in on the party. Could have the "fathers" come together to try to set them straight but only show big of sissy milfs they are. Could have the bois work together to set their dads up on blind dates. All and more could be an interesting cap series to try out, I bet you'd make something amazing out of it.

    1. It's a little water to carry to get Mandy/Danny involved since they're "Outside Suckwood" but definitely not impossible. I love the idea!

      And I just went and introduced one more sissy father. (Nothing of the corresponding son yet though.)