Sunday, 22 January 2017

Wes Style Nikki Caption

I consider this blog to be made up of seasons. Those seasons are divided, roughly, by when I finally decide to take the several working captions I have in a word document and use MSpaint to turn them into the .jpegs that I publish.

By such a pretentious measure this caption would be the end of s7. What's coming in s8? I'm glad I asked. It's Wes heavy. And more than that, it's very character heavy. Danny and Mandy were the start of s8 (I said roughly!), of the 30 remaining updates s8 will consist of 22 feature a character of some sort, including a character yet to be introduced.

So, in an attempt to balance the approaching onslaught of Wes Style character-based captions... here is a Wes Style character-based caption.

Lastly, if you haven't voted in the poll yet I want your feedback.

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