Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Character Introduction: Mandy Sukmore

I gave myself a big self-congratulatory comment the day before last for my return to posting. Then posted nothing yesterday. My bad, internet crapped itself, problem's fixed now. As an apology I'm doing a character introduction. They seem to be popular.

For anyone unfamiliar italics reflect thoughts rather than speech. And since the change with 2nd person captions it's a bit trickier to have a 2nd person cap in a character intro, so instead you get an extra Wes style.


  1. Can't remember if Mandy was in a caption before, but if not this is a lovely new introduction! One of my favorite series from Wes was "Being a Role Model" which introduced Nikki, and this mirrors the dynamic in that series of a sissy father trying to hide his appearence/protect his son. Also, while I don't see a consistent model selection for Mandy's character, I always enjoy the blond MILF motif :) Great work!

    1. I did use the name Mandy in a recent femdom caption. I realized the mixup too late to fix it. Mandy Sukmore definitely hits some notes that I've played on before but these are the first captions with this character.

      Other than the "look" of both characters I'm hoping to keep them distinct by way of Nikki being aware his sons are sissies (and just trying to protect them from Malik et al) whereas Mandy is totally ignorant. And Nikki, despite all the denials and the squirming, likes it where Mandy definitely does not.

      Mandy's look came about because I noticed I had a loooot of bimbo pics in my "pictures I want to caption" folder and no bimbo characters. If you want a baseline, probably Candy Charms. The most bimbo model I've ever seen and a big chunk of the upcoming Mandy captions are of her. But really any bimbo does and has done the trick.