Saturday, 21 January 2017

Wes Stlye Cindi Chrissy Caption

Poll time. Time for a poll. I don't know what happens after this caption, I don't know whether Jamarcus and/or Jermichael appear from nowhere to stop Cindi from taking this leap or maybe I've faffed about long enough and it's high time Cindi took some dick. 

I haven't written a Cindi caption since this one, so I'll leave it up to you pervs. On the one hand I like stretching my imagination to keep doing new things with Cindi without  the sissy actually taking any dick. On the other hand if nobody's getting fucked I'm totally out of my comfort zone. I'll leave the poll up for a week. What happens next?


  1. I don't feel this is how Cindi should suck her first BBC.

  2. In my opinion, you always went step by step with Cindi. I feel like there would be missing captions if she suck a dick now. I believe there is not enough skinship between Cindi and Stepdaddy for a BJ To happen now.
    In the end, you are the one who writes captions, you do as you see fit.

  3. I'm in agreement with anonymous that it should be a slower step-by-step. I don't remember all the Cindi captions, so you may have already done some of these things, but I'd go through things like flashing breasts, displaying fully nude body, touching/rubbing bulge through pants, handjob, blowjob, bukkake, full anal pounding, or whatever order you want.

    Alternatively, you could also do both paths - make this caption like a fateful decision, and have multiple universes with "Chastity Cindi" where Cindi doesn't have sex or "Cumwhore Cindi" where she tries BBC for the first time and becomes obsessed.

    1. I'm having enough trouble keeping characters straight in my head as it is without splitting timelines. So that's out.

      My thought process here was that Cindi was kind of in a homeostasis and introducing Chrissy (Tammy would be too aggressive) would act as a catalyst to Cindi getting a bit dirtier. But you are both making good points.