Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Cindi Series: What Happened Next

More internet connectivity issues prevented me from posting anything yesterday. But today you get the finished sequel to this caption from last week.

What I really want to emphasize is that Cindi is still going to be the same naive, innocent, oblivious sissy she's always been. Just now mouth stuff happens occasionally.

I did try to take Elena/Anonymous's suggestions into account writing this without going into alternative universe Cindis. (The only upside of which that I could see was easy jokes about the darkest timeline... which would have been awesome come to think of it.)

I did reuse an image that I've already used before for a Cindi caption. But I really like that image in particular because: it's a great photo of Mia Malkova, it fantastically captures the innocence/sweetness/naivete that I like so much in Cindi and because it makes a good default "Cindi thinks about stuff" image so I might use it again in that role.

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