Monday, 12 June 2017

Wes Style Mandy Caption

I'm almost finished the customs. I've finished everything but Elena's series which I've written three panels for. This has taken a lot longer than I planned.
If I don't finish Elena's series the next  time I actually feel motivated to write something (whenever that ends up being) I'll post everything else and then post Elena's series when I finish it.


  1. Just my opinion - you should feel free to post the customs even if the series isn't finished. There are already a variety of what I sure are excellent singles for myself and others that I am excited to see, so don't hesitate if you're waiting on one series. Besides, if you end up spacing the singles out in daily posts you might find that you can finish up whatever you have remaining before you even need to post the series.

    1. I'm giving myself one more writing session to see if I can't finish your series. Either way I'll start posting customs probably by the end of the week.