Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Elena's First Custom Caption

Wow, I disappeared for a while there. I decided to take a day off from posting. Then one turned into two, no dramas. Then it was two weeks. I have been busy but damn that happened easily. Stupid Estrogen!

Anyway this is the first custom caption. Elena's series is still kind of unfinished. But it's in a state where I guess I can post it, I'll still save it for last though, maybe I'll get inspired and motivated.

For this custom Elena wanted a father being feminized by his sissy son.
In Elena's own words: "I'm in love with the idea of a weak-willed father who beats off to his son getting coaxed into a makeover/new lifestyle. Could also be an old guard father who believes in strong white men being transformed by his new order son who loves being a white sissy"

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