Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Second Person Caption

There is a reason 2nd Person is rare. Because it has a major weakness: with minor adjustments it becomes first person and if you don't identify with what you're reading it all falls apart. 

On top of that with captions most of my images are of pornstars, I'm willing to bet a majority of my readers do not look like pornstars (just going out on a limb) which obviously gets in the way of the whole identifying with the content of the caption thing that second person depends on.

But when 2nd person is good it tends to have a sting other styles just can't match. So I don't want to abandon the form. So what to do? 

From now on I'm going to aim to have 2nd person caps use images like these, with no faces or images that are a tableau seen by the "you" the caption is directed at i.e.: the reader i.e.: you. This will mean less 2nd person captions. But hopefully the quality will improve.

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