Thursday, 22 December 2016

Character (Re)Introduction: Bobbi, Chrissy & Nikki Luvcoxxx

Wes is dead. I'm assuming by autoerotic asphyxiation. Because that makes me giggle. If I'm wrong may Wes himself appear in the comments and tell me so.

Before his tragic, hilarious death Wes wrote over 300 captions featuring his blog's de facto main character, Bobbi Luvcoxxx. For Bobbi to die with Wes would be a tragedy to this small, perverted community that I, personally, cannot abide.

To that end I am hereby retconning Bobbi into Suckwood. Bobbi had a brother, Chrissy, and a father, Nikki, who were both sissies (because of course they were). Nikki was always my favorite character from Wes's blog. Chrissy was always awesome as well. So I decided they should be included (yes, Malik too).

As far as models seem to go... Wes never seemed to have a single model for any of his characters. Especially the Luvcoxxxs. I'll have to play that by ear. Because these are Wes's characters I'm definitely going to stick to only writing them in Wes Style Captions (unless I have a strong reason to do otherwise)

Consider this large(ish) post my Xmas gift. Because I refuse to write Xmas themed captions. I've always found holiday themed porno dumb as Hell. (But that's just me)

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