Friday, 30 December 2016

Character Introduction: Dixie Taeksem

I said when I published a lone caption that I wanted to flesh out the character a bit more. Here it is. As far as I know there's no images of Abigail Ratchford with a black dick in her mouth going around the internet (and if there are I don't think I'd be comfortable using them).
Hence I needed a model switch of sorts. August Ames was the closest porn parallel I could find that was prolific enough, photogenic enough and unshy-of-black-dick enough to use as a Dixie Taeksem baseline while still holding true to that "modern pinup" look. I will still keep an eye out for Abigail Ratchford pics that I can use though.
Actually figuring out a hook for Dixie was a pain. Did Dixie like being a bimbo fucktoy? Hate it? In such a trance there was no difference?
Inspiration only came when I thought Dixie Taeksem sounded like the name of a Southern preacher. The penny dropped that the former journalist had decided to spread the Good Word of black dick, all while surviving on "the kindness of strangers" of course. (my brain's messed up)