Saturday, 22 October 2016

Wes Style Caption

Anderson's Contest. I wrote something new for it yesterday. In about 20 minutes. It's never too late until the submissions are uploaded.

I think I'm going to have to flesh this character out some more and do a formal introduction in the future. Mostly because I'm fucking proud of the name for this sissy and I want an excuse to use it more often.


  1. I would definitely love to see more of this character (especially if you keep using Abigail Ratchford as your model). It might be interesting if Dixie comes back to report on her findings for the paper, or if she sends more reporters into Suckwood ;)

    1. Didn't even know that was the name of the model. Now that I do I might use her a few more times, I love her look. When I flesh out the character more fully this is definitely the look I'll go for.
      More reporters is definitely a possibility.