Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Third Person Caption

Anderson Creed has a contest going on. I'm certain every view I get is thanks to his recommendation. So you should all go write some smut for him in his contest so I'm not doing all the work all the damn time. 
Yes, I know it's in my wheelhouse.
Yes, I've already written some stuff for it.
No I'm not going to do what I sometimes do and caption every image he has there... unless I do that by accident.

Now to today's caption: yesterday was gross, this one's downright debaucherous. This image was originally supposed to be the follow up to my first 3rdPerson caption but trying to have Suki's father's reaction to Suki being a sissy and Suki's father becoming a sissy and keep it under my self-imposed word limits AND make it actually decent became impossible. Hence my second 3rdPerson caption that filled the gap. 

This is a completion to the story of sorts. (Don't worry I'm not done with these two, not by a long shot)

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