Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Wes Style Toni Caption

Janice Griffith was one of the models I initially considered for Toni but I wanted Toni to be a latina sissy and I figured Janice wasn't "latina enough" so I went a different way.

(She is, apparently, part desi, part white and part Guyanese. There's some latin there but if we want to get creepily obsessive about race (and considering the content of my blog I think we all know we do) I believe the technical term is "mutt").

 The more photos I see of her the more I think that was a mistake. For one in her (relatively long) career Jynx Maze has, so far, only done one IR scene so the number of photos of her that feature black dick is prohibitively small. For two, similar to how Elsa Jean has such a perfect vibe in photographs for Tammy captions that I almost never use any other model Janice Griffith just seems to fit with what I want for Toni captions in a way no other model seems to capture. So expect a few more Toni captions with Janice as the model.

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