Thursday, 6 April 2017

Caption Contest

I just found out I'm starting this contest at the same time Elena has a contest going on. I really didn't want to do that. It feels like it goes against TG caption blog etiquette. Sorry, Elena, well, Ariel but as I understand it they're the same person. I might be wrong. So if you're up to it you should write something for her contest too!

Okay so the first thing you'll notice about this contest, I picked a lot of images. I had an idea for my first contest that I thought was cool, didn't think it through very deeply, things got out of hand before I realized it and now here we are. This is my first contest, hopefully I'll be able to do more and tweak things based on what works.

1. Select image(s) from below, write captions for them. This ain't rocket surgery.
2. If you can't or just don't want to format captions send the text to me and let me know which image to attach it to.
3. Send your submissions to:
4. Deadline is May 1.

This is where one of the differences that I mentioned wanting my contest to have comes in. If you write a series for this contest you get a custom caption.
A winner, maybe two, will be chosen by poll.
Another winner will be chosen based on my favorite entry.
Winners get custom series.
I'll shoot for five captions long for custom series. They'll have a self imposed minimum of three.

Obvious Questions:
Do prizes stack?
Yes, these prizes will stack. So if you are a contest winner and wrote a series, you get a custom caption and a custom series.
If I write more than one series do I get more than one caption?
Yes, you'll get a custom caption for each series you write. (I get the feeling I might end up regretting these two)
What's the bare minimum that counts as a series?
Three captions long. Or two, if they're both long (250+ words) or really good.
Can I submit captions anonymously?
Of course. Just say you want to be anonymous in the email you send with your submissions.
Do captions have to be IR?
Nope. Though I'd love to see you write a non-IR caption with a picture of a black dick in a model's mouth. That'd be a neat trick. In fact, if you can manage that you also get a custom.
What about the central Suckwood idea the canon of your blog is based around, do I have to work within that framework?
Fuck no. You can if you want but write what you want.
One of your images gave me an idea for a series but I need to use images not included below, can I?
Sure. If you're sending the text to me rather than formatting captions yourself just include the images you want to use that aren't from below in your email.
This is the first TG blog I've ever seen, what's a custom caption?
Send me an image, a theme, a fetish, an idea or any combination of all of the above. I will write a caption to that.
What do I do if I have other questions?
This is why we have a comments section.

There's no obligation to use any of these. But if you want to:
Tammy Swallows willing, young sissy that loves sharing black dick.
Stephi Swallows Tammy's older, unwilling brother.
Giselle Tighthole a Hollywoo actress desperate to hide she is really a sissy.
Suki: A willing Asian teen sissy I need to write a formal intro for.
Hiro: Suki's unwilling father who loses control of his body around black men. In need of formal intro.
Cindi Sukshaft Naive, innocent whiteboi infatuated with his stepfather.
Bobbi Luvcoxxx Wes's Reluctantly feminized highschool-ish age main character.
Chrissy Luvcoxxx Bobbi's younger feminized brother.
Nikki Luvcoxxx Bobbi and Chrissy's humiliated feminized father.
Dixie Taeksem a willing bimbo sissy capable of somehow accelerating Suckwood's effects.
Mandy Sukmore Unwilling bimbo whiteboi desperate to protect his son from becoming a sissy.
Danny Sukmore Mandy's willing but inexperienced young son.
Toni Sukscum A latin sissy addicted to black men's cum.
Tiffany Cumswallow A racist school teacher struggling to cope with his new life as a sissy.

The Images:


  1. Don't worry - I'm too excited about this contest to care! Also I think it's good for people to have multiple contests because if they run out of ideas for one they can jump into the next one right away. Also mine ends in a week while yours is up for a month, so people can definitely find time to participate in both.

    1. Okay then. I'll make a point of writing some stuff for your contest as an apology. Promise.

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