Thursday, 9 February 2017

Second Person Caption

[Professor Farnsworth Voice]: Good news everyone, I've finally gotten a solid start on a thing. 

The thing I've gotten a solid start on is similar to this thing but on a different subject. No Spoilers. But there are some other things I need to finish before I can upload it (for one it uses at least one character I haven't written an intro for yet) 

Also, I have to not die in the next few days. This country's weather is a running joke, it's normally overblown, right now not so much.

Now I've had my bitchfest about this cooked excuse for a country. Here's a caption: 


  1. Oooo...excited to see what the thing is! Your new characters have been excellent so I'm sure anything with them will be great!

    1. Thanks, Elena. I feel like I have enough/too many characters as it is. But new character ideas keep cropping up.

      I'm aiming to have the new thing as update200 but that might not be possible. We'll see how things pan out.