Monday, 6 February 2017

Character Introduction: Toni Sukscum

No caption yesterday because yesterday was too hot to caption, or post, or move, or do anything aside from tell the weather it was being totally unreasonable and inform said weather exactly what I intended if it didn't knock it the fuck off.

Toni came about because I felt like the blog needed a latin sissy. And when you're considering latin porn models one name comes to (my) mind above all others, Jynx Maze.

The bonus was the hook I already had in mind for Toni seemingly worked fantastically for Jynx Maze. Every scene I've seen featuring Jynx her face was a fucking mess by the end of, which is a great fit for Toni. Turns out in photos it's very difficult to find anything of Jynx with her face a mess of makeup, spit, sweat and semen. So I've been looking at some other models to use as well. Still latina...ish.

Fuck the Patriots


  1. you ever wonder if she's injected herself with black cum?

    1. HAHA! I meant to include that Toni only got her fix fresh from the source. I just sort of... forgot when I was writing Toni's intro and I don't do 2nd drafts.

      I might have to write a series where the sissy holds up a sperm bank and tries to inject the black cum she steals as a way to avoid regular humiliation at the hands of black men while still getting her fix only to be totally defeated when injection doesn't do it. The problem with this scenario is noone's getting fucked so nobody would want to read it.