Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wes Style Caption

I'm getting to the end of my opening captions. But I've saved the best for last, fun things in the near future.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you've been saving! Also, as a suggestion you can take or leave, I think you might be better suited to add tags like "First Person Cap" or "Wes Style Cap" as opposed to putting it in the title. It would allow people to find caps of the same style more easily and allows you to have more distinguishing descriptors of the cap in the title.

  2. Thanks. I'm looking forward to sharing it.

    I'm planning to go back to tag stuff at a point where I feel like the blog's more established. Which will either be when I hate seeing it all untagged and have enough time to do it or when I think nobody could plausibly read every one of my captions in a single binge session.

    I hate thinking of titles. So titling with the "style" works as a placeholder for the time being. If/when I eventually title my captions I'll likely keep the "First/Second/Wes" titling as well. So as an example this cap would become Wes Style Caption: A Day on the Beach.

    But for now I'm keeping everything as basic as possible, posting as many captions as I can and leaving the room to make those updates in the future when I feel "established".