Thursday, 18 August 2016

Third Person Single

So that second 2ndPerson series was the last thing I had saved for my "Grand Opening". So posts became a bit less frequent. I'm going to try to have at least one writing session a week (where I'll probably write 4 or 5 captions) then post them every other day or so. It's not a reliable or regular update schedule but this smut is free so I doubt anyone will complain.

I also had a request (of sorts) from Elena to expand on the Suckwood idea. Which is something I definitely want to do but is a bit tricky to navigate. But when I went to caption this image this is the story that came to me so it's what I wrote. It's a bit longer than most of my other captions, over 300 whereas my other work is ~200 (because that's about the mark where I start to get a bit bored with other people's captions)

So anyway:


  1. Awesome work! I think what you did in this cap is an excellent way to expand the Suckwood concept. Having various characters who either visit, have been living here, or somehow are connected to Suckwood and discussing how Suckwood affects/transforms them can make for a lot of fun single caps/short series. If you're really interested in making a motif, you could try developing some characters...but of course do what you enjoy :)

    1. Thanks, Elena. I already have a sequel/continuation in the works. The basic idea is solid. But it needs a rewrite. Watch this space.